Sonlight Candles Info

The Meaning Behind the Design

  The stained-glass window design you see on the candles is taken from the Abbey sacristy. The artwork shows yellow rays of light from above signifying the light of Christ and red and orange accents that represent the fire of the Holy Spirit. The monks line up before this image every day upon entering the chapel for Mass. It is also before this stained-glass window on Holy Thursday that the altar of repose is set.

It is always a good reminder that we have been called to spread the light of Christ. It is this stained glass window that inspired the name "Sonlight" candles.

Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12). 


The Who & The Why

  At Saint Andrew's Abbey, choosing to offer a specific product comes with a lot of thought, prayer, and discernment. We always strive to offer products that are meaningful and serve a higher purpose. When researching candles for Monks’ Korner we discovered these and found that these candles were being handmade by Burmese and Congolese women artisans who resettled in the U.S. after living for years as refugees.

  Learning that this is how these women earn a living wage to support their families, we knew it was the right choice to order our customized Abbey candles from them. Now with each candle you purchase, not only are you supporting the Abbey but you are also supporting these women and their families.

  We thank you in advance, and May God bless you for your support.



  When it comes to the spiritual aspect of candles, Christians have used candles throughout history to represent the light of Christ. Candles can help set a peaceful ambiance for prayer and meditation in the comfort of your own home, similar to what you might find in your church or a prayer chapel. 

  Candles can be very beneficial for your mental health. Certain candle scents may help alleviate symptoms of stress and may even ease headaches. Aromatic candle scents help increase feelings of peace, joy, and hopefulness. With a clear and peaceful mind and environment, you can achieve so much.

  It's probably not news to you that our mental health affects our physical health. High stress levels can cause many diseases and unwanted symptoms in our bodies. Natural light is very important for our regular sleep patterns. Using candlelights in the evenings can help minimize our exposure to disruptive artificial lights, therefore, aiding us in getting a better night's sleep.

  If you are interested in getting the benefits of aromatic candles we currently carry 5 different scented candles to choose from!

SONLIGHT CANDLES are made with:
  • High-quality coconut-soy wax blend
  • Cotton wick
  • Essential oils
  • NO dyes or additives 
  • Burn time of 70 hours
  • Handmade