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Valyermo Abbey

Saint Paul Master of the Spiritual Life "in Christ"

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In Saint Paul, Elliott C. Maloney explores what the great saint says about the spiritual life, the "œhow to"� in the day-to-day activities and concerns of Christians. How should people live in covenant relationship with God, committed to seeking God's will in every aspect of their lives? Spirituality is a popular topic, but it is regarded as merely one part of life, some "œhigher level"� of living when compared to ordinary living. Even Catholic scholarship, Maloney argues, notable as it is in Pauline exegesis and theology, seems to lack a feel for the overall kind of living that Paul wanted for his communities, not to mention how we might appropriate such wisdom for today. For Paul, all of a believer's life is spiritual life. The alternative is a life "œaccording to the flesh,"� a self-centered life without God, a continual spiritual death.