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Fordham University Press

McCool, Gerald: Nineteenth Century Scholasticism: The Search for a Unitary Method

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Nineteenth-Century Scholasticism provides a careful historical account of the scholastic polemic against the "new" Catholic philosophies and theologies that emerged in Europe during the 19th century. Beginning with an examination of Ontologism, Traditionalism, and the theologies of Hermes, Gunther, and the Tubingen School - the adversaries against whom the scholastics directed their fire - the book then discusses the philosophies and theologies of Liberatore and Kleutgen, the scholastic theoreticians who orchestrated the polemic. From the account of its polemic with rival theologicans, a vivid picture of nineteenth-century scholasticism's vision of itself as the one philosophy capable of structuring a Catholic theology, its adversary relationship to other theologies, and its confidence in its own ability to integrate Catholic culture and solve contemporary social problems emerges.