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Hoppe, Leslie: Priests, Prophets and Sages

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What should we call the Old Testament and what books does it include? What does it say about God? Are the Israelites really the "chosen people"? How does God speak? Did everything in the Old Testament really happen? Was Jonah really swallowed by a great fish? What about all the violence? How can the God in the Old Testament and the one Jesus preached about seem so different? How can we find meaning in these books?

If you've ever felt daunted by the idea of reading the Old Testament Scriptures, this book can ease your mind. Aimed to maintain the enthusiasm for Scripture inspired by the Second Vatican Council, Priests Prophets and Sages addresses many commonly asked questions about the Old Testament.

Each chapter includes questions for reflection and further reading, making this work a great resource for Bible study with your parish, family or by yourself.

Let Leslie Hoppe help you bridge the gap between the culture of the ancient Israelites and ours today, Old Testament and New. Challenge yourself to be supported, encouraged and called to greater commitment and obedience by the oldest writings connected to our faith.