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St. Vladimir's Seminary Press

Breck, John: God with Us Critical Issues in Christian Life and Faith

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Theological books often focus on the ascent of the human to the Divine. This collection of reflections contemplates the Divine descending, acting within, and enlightening our day-to-day lives. Father John Breck's courageous reflections touch upon a wide and eclectic range of current ethical, biblical, liturgical, and doctrinal matters, as the chapter titles suggest: Violence against Women; Fighting Clergy Burnout; Who Wrote the Books of the Bible?; Do Icons Really Weep? and Nightmares. An eminent Orthodox ethicist and pastor, Fr Breck ponders questions that arise in our culture and answers them in an engaging style that is fully accessible to the average layperson. Crisply and succinctly, and fully informed by the tradition of the Orthodox Church, Fr Breck addresses the hard, practical issues confronting contemporary Christians: What about abortion rights? Firearm legislation? What is the meaning of innocent suffering? Breck tenderly and compassionately discusses mental illnesses, aging, and the movement of the Holy Spirit in unexpected places at unanticipated times.