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Porter, Ross: The Coming Storm

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The Coming Storm is a supernatural thriller where angels and demons battle for the heart and mind of a reluctant hero, against the backdrop of the End of Days. Dr. Will Ivory is a psychologist with spiritual gifts he is afraid to use because of a traumatic, secret past. But when he uncovers a global conspiracy to bring the world under the rule of the Antichrist he must face his fears and embrace his call to join the eternal battle of Good versus Evil or risk losing everything. Through the mentoring of two new friends, and the healing love of his wife and childhood sweetheart Annie, Will learns that his dreams and visions are key weapons in battling the evil he faces in both human and demonic form---the evil that now threatens much more than his sanity.

Fr. Patrick Hagins, a former Marine who saw combat in the Korean War and has been a priest for almost fifty years, helps Will make sense of the supernatural. Dr. Andrew Patel, a brilliant and irreverent psychiatrist from England, keeps Will grounded with psychological support. And together, the three men form an unlikely but powerfully effective team that only Providence could have imagined to confront enemies only Providence can stop. But the truly imminent nature of the threat isn't understood until Will reluctantly accepts a troubled teenage girl as a client---and discovers how much they share in common. Can Will Ivory embrace his unique call to fight evil, or will a demonic plot to capture first the White House and then the world succeed in ushering in the rule of the Antichrist?