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Ford-Grabowsky, Mary: The Way of Mary

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Ford-Grabowsky has fashioned a sacred pilgrimage with Mary that emphasizes her most salient soulful qualities, such as thinking with love and with faith; being with joy, sorrow, gratefulness, and for others. There are 14 devotions based on the following Biblical stories:

•The Annunciation and The Visit to Elizabeth
•The Magnificat and The Nativity
•Pondering Things in the Heart and Simeon's Prophecy
•Meeting the Prophet Anna and The Escape into Egypt
•Finding Her Missing Son and The Wedding in Cana
•At the Cross and Jesus Speaks to Mary from the Cross
•Waiting for the Spirit and Pentecost

Each section includes meditation, reflection, prayer, Ignatian-inspired visualization, and ideas for freeing the creative spirit.