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Valyermo Abbey

Inspiration and Authority: Nature and Function of Christian Scripture

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"In an evaluation of the Scriptures as the Word of God, inspiration is an essential element. The long Protestant experience with this issue is both fruitful and painful, for many have drawn false conclusions from the justified belief in inspiration. Paul Achtemeier is a first-rate scholar who combines scientific investigation with faith, and his sensitivity and honesty make this a most useful book for all interested in the Bible. . . . A better practical book on the subject would be hard to find."

-Raymond E. Brown, former Auburn Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary, New York

"If Achtemeier's book reaches that large body of Christians looking for a non fundamentalistic doctrine of Scripture, it could play a major role in creating a framework for them. He comes across as possessing a deep love and respect for the Bible and for the Lord, and eager for people to place their minds and lives beneath its authority. He offers us, in the end, the doctrine of a covenantal Scripture given by God to his people for their edification and renewal, a dynamic document that can perform this service two thousand years after its completion, confronting us with God's Word for our situation, through the power of the Spirit. I am highly grateful for this book and recommend it highly to others."

-Clark H. Pinnock, former professor emeritus of systematic theology, McMaster Divinity College