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Nouwen, Henri: The Essential Henri Nouwen

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"We always have a choice to live the moment as a cause of resentment or as a cause for joy."-Henri Nouwen (1932"“1996)

The insights of Henri Nouwen have shown millions of people how to choose joy in any moment-even moments full of pain and brokenness. Few spiritual writers have ever spoken so powerfully and directly to the heart as he did, in part because he compassionately bared his own soul and struggles to his readers, but also because he deeply understood that God can be discovered in every aspect of ourselves, even-almost especially-in the parts we find difficult to acknowledge.

This anthology of Nouwen's teaching covers all his major themes-God, love, life, death, psychology, woundedness, healing, and social action-and is drawn from among his more than forty books. It's the perfect, compact introduction to this brilliant and humble Catholic priest whom Christianity Today called "œone of the world's great spiritual writers."