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Valyermo Abbey

For All Seasons

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For the first time in forty years, the selected letters of St. Thomas More-son, husband, father, friend, statesman, and martyr-are now available in this newly edited volume for the contemporary reader. Moving from the days of his youth to the startling drama of his final years, this collection serves as a "œlife in letters"� and offers the reader fresh insight into More's education, formation, and character, visible both in season and out of season, in little matters as well as great controversies.

The first English writer to use the word "œintegrity,"� More struggled to live as well as he wrote, with personal virtue, solid piety, and a well-formed conscience. These letters reflect all the facets of his humanity and personality, and through them, one may begin to glimpse the living face of this famous "œman for all seasons,"� as he was known even in his own time.

In addition to the letters from Thomas More, the book offers introductory notes on the family members, friends, and other historical figures relevant to his life's history.