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Valyermo Abbey

Poverty: Responding Like Jesus

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The poor will always be with you, Jesus said "“ but that doesn't mean Christians have ever figured out how to be with the poor.
Pope Francis has emphasized a vision of a "œChurch that is poor and for the poor."� But growing economic inequality continues to spread across the globe. This book takes a fresh look at the role of churches, and individual Christians, in relating to poverty and the poor among them. A strong focus is placed on the biblical and theological roots of the Church's commitment to care for the poor.
At times praised as a virtue and blessed as a condition, poverty easily confuses us, and we are often left doing little to nothing to make a difference with and for the poor. As a social evil and a burden, poverty has elicited many kinds of reactions among the followers of Christ. It is time for Christians to figure out what to do about it.