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Guarendi, Dr. Ray: Winning the Discipline Debates

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Winning the Discipline Debates covers a series of the most common (and most frustrating) discipline scenarios between parents and kids. Written in a script format, dialogue between the characters is interspersed with Dr. Ray's comments and observations, and each scene ends with a summary and discipline ideas from Dr. Ray. As a father of ten (with his children's ages ranging from twelve through twenty-four), clinical psychologist, public speaker, and national radio host, families have literally been Dr. Ray's life. Learn, laugh, and let Dr. Ray coach you to stand strong and become a more confident parent.

Some of the debates covered in the book include:
  • A child who is wide awake and a mom who just wants to get some sleep
  • A grandmother who interferes with a dad's discipline-and a child who suffers because of it
  • Parents who argue in front of their kids-a lose/lose situation
  • A mom who struggles to enforce the consequences she's decided upon
  • Two siblings who are fighting and a mom who tries to sort things out
From preschool to the late teen years, Dr. Ray coaches parents on how to make discipline less wordy, less frequent, less frustrating-and more definite. With Dr. Ray as your coach, everyone wins!