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Tang E./Wiest, J: The Catholic Church In Modern China

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In spite of difficulties posed by a hostile socialist government, the Catholic Church in China has shown remarkable perseverance and growth since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1979. The essays contained in The Catholic Church in Modern China inform readers of the major issues facing the Catholic Church in China today. Their insights should be welcomed by everyone from the Catholic layperson contemplating a trip to China to scholars and specialists in China and religious studies. Part I explores the history of tensions between church and state. Part II presents the conflicting loyalties between Catholic believers associated with the Catholic Patriotic Association and those attending churches that are not officially recognized. Part III focuses on the future, exploring vital questions: What can be learned from the past? What will be the future of the Catholic church in a changing China? Contributors include Aloysius Chang, Julia Ching, Jean Charbonnier, Jeroom Heyndrickx, Maria Goretti Lau, and John Tong.