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Ghezzi, Bert: The Angry Christian: A Bible-Based Strategy to Care for and Discipline a Valuable Emotion

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This book shows how Christians can be good and be angry at the same time. That's possible if we let the Holy Spirit strengthen us to get angry for the right reasons and to keep anger under control.

If we are seeking a secret that will simply eliminate anger, we're pursuing a vain hope. Anger will surely be with us until we die. It may even go with us to heaven, where the Lord may allow us to share his anger at the evils that afflict his creation. But we can learn to increase good anger and to minimize the bad. That's the Christian approach summed up by Paul when he admonished the Ephesians to "œBe angry, but do not sin"� (Eph 4:26). If used constructively, anger can even help us live a more Christian life.

This is not a psychology or self-help book. It presents a Bible-based strategy for caring for and disciplining a valuable emotion. It describes a method that helps us use anger successfully to overcome the obstacles strewn across the path of our Christian journey. The book contains questions for discussion, personal reflection, and application which make it ideal for either individual or group use.