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Valyermo Abbey

Small Things with Great Love

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What can we learn from the Saint of the Gutters? How might her wisdom and intercession help us in our present needs? After all, Mother Teresa was very small in stature, even frail in some respects, and she was a woman-the supposed "œweaker sex."� However, this petite woman's "œyes"� to God truly changed the world forever. She opened the world's eyes to our duties to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and told us that a far worse hunger exists in our Western world. She continues to encourage us to reach out in love to those in need.

Through this novena of prayer, our faith is energized as we "sit at St. Teresa of Calcutta's feet"� to learn lessons of love, and invoke her intercession for our urgent, as well as our lesser needs-big and small-she will help!