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Valyermo Abbey

Pope Francis Speaks to the United States and Cuba

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Pope Francis' historic 2015 trip to the United States, preceded by a visit to Cuba, gave the world an unprecedented look at the Holy Father, his priorities, and his deft handling of contentious issues as well as diverse personalities and audiences.

Emphasizing his concern for those on the margins of society as well as for simplicity and care for the environment, he made time to meet with prisoners and the homeless as he traveled around Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia in an unassuming Fiat automobile.

But what captured the imagination and hearts of Catholics and non-Catholics across both nations were his words. He spoke in plain language, always maintaining his joyful, warm, and enthusiastic demeanor, but pressing home his question regarding serving the Lord: "What about you? What are you going to do?"

Now, gathered in one volume, here are the thirty-one speeches, homilies, and interviews - nine from Cuba, twenty from the United States, and two in-flight interviews - that will help you to keep moving forward in your work for the Kingdom.