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Hulsman, John: The Rule of Our Warfare John Henry Newman and the True Christian Life

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John Hulsman, Editor Cardinal John Henry Newman Here is moral and spiritual guidance from "one of the most distinguished and versatile champions of English spirituality," as Pope John Paul II called John Henry Cardinal Newman. This new collection of Newman's Writings on virtually every aspect of life in Christ shows why he has won such respect. Editor John Hulsman here presents brief, readable excerpts from Newman's sermons on faith, the true Christian life, temptations, the world, doubts, and the mysteries of the Catholic faith. These selections give you a comprehensive overview of Newman's profound and influential teachings on daily life as a Christian, including his wisdom on the Church, God's Providence, the Mass, the intercession of Mary, prayer, temptation and sin, the Christian character, happiness, and much more. Full of Newman's elegant prose and piercing Christian insight, this volume is not only a winning introduction to Newman, it is also a remarkable resource for daily spiritual reading.