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Skylight Paths Publishing

Aprile, Dianne: Making a Heart for God: A Week Inside a Catholic Monastery

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The monastic experience demystified an essential guide to what it's like to spend a week inside a Catholic monastery.

A life of quiet, work, and prayer, monasticism has been a part of the Christian spiritual tradition for over 1,700 years, and it remains very much alive today. This book offers you a personal encounter with daily life inside the Trappist Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky, as you might encounter it on a one-week retreat. Including a detailed guide to the monastic places in North America that receive visitors, as well as a detailed glossary, Making a Heart for God is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in learning about monastic spirituality and it is also the perfect preparation for your first retreat experience.

Whether you're simply curious about what's behind the mystery, or interested in experiencing it firsthand, this is the ideal handbook.

Also included are a helpful glossary of terms and a listing of monasteries throughout North America that receive visitors.