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Valyermo Abbey

Introduction to the New Testament

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Published to widespread critical acclaim, this is an impressive and sweeping study of the New Testament canon: the preeminent source of Christian doctrine and the center of scholarly discussion/controversy for decades. Introduction to the New Testament presents the full spectrum of thought regarding the New Testament with clarity and completeness, and in a welcome and prestigious entry to this most important field of study.

Marked by thorough research, Collins's study covers the formation of the New Testament and the history of its research; the various exegetical methods used on the twenty-seven books that comprise the New Testament, explaining the methods and giving examples of each one's use. A concluding section gives an overview of New Testament exegesis in the Catholic Church today, including the latest developments within different schools of interpretation. Throughout, Collins emphasizes inspiration and its part in Catholic biblical studies.

In its Image paperback edition, this volume will be welcomed by a broad spectrum of scholars, students, teachers, and interested laity. It is, as John Meier remarks in the book's introduction, "one of the most important contributions to American biblical studies in the last few decades."