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Cambridge University Press

Moule, C.F.D: The Gospel According to Mark, The Cambridge Bible Commentary

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This volume on Mark's Gospel is one of the series of commentaries on the New English Bible designed for use in schools and training colleges, and for the layman. Each volume will comment on one book, or two or three short books, of the Bible, beginning with the New Testament, already published. In each the text will be given in full. Sections of text and commentary alternate, so that the reader does not have to keep two books open, or turn from one part of the book to the other, or refer to a commentary in small type at the foot of the page. Great care is being taken to see that the commentary is suitable to the student and the layman: there is no Greek or Hebrew, and no strings of biblical references, but the commentary does convey the latest and best scholarship. The general editors all have experience of teaching or examining in school and working with adults. There will also be a general introductory volume, Understanding the New Testament, and a volume of maps and plates, The New Testament Illustrated.