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Wansbrough, Henry: The Revised New Jerusalem Bible

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The Revised New Jerusalem Bible presents anew the scholarship, character, and clarity of the 1966 Jerusalem Bible (the first modern English version) and the 1985 New Jerusalem Bible. It is a Bible that prioritizes:

•a bold, rich language as suitable for reading out loud as for studying in silence, so that "œthe message might be fully proclaimed"� (2 Timothy 4:17)
•accurate translation of the original scriptures rather than the "œdynamic equivalence"� of some other modern versions
•assurance that the message of the Bible is directed to men and women equally, despite the inbuilt bias of the English language

This comprehensive Study Edition is the world's first presentation of the full Revised New Jerusalem Bible, complete with study notes, cross-references, and book introductions. It has been prepared and edited for a modern readership by Dom Henry Wansbrough, OSB, who was the general editor of the New Jerusalem Bible.