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Rhoads, Dewey, Michie: Mark as Story: An Introduction to the Narrative of a Gospel Third Edition

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For thirty years, Mark as Story has introduced readers to the rhetorical and narrative skill that makes Mark so arresting and compelling a story. Rhoads, Dewey, and Michie have helped to pioneer our appreciation of the Gospels, and Mark in particular, as narratives originally created in an oral culture for oral performance. New in this edition are a revised preface and an afterword describing the significant role Mark as Story has played in the development of narrative criticism.
Chapters discuss the Gospel's genre, narrator, settings, plot, characters (Jesus, authorities, disciples, "the people"), and implied reader, with final reflections on "the ethics of reading" and exercises in literary and narrative analysis well suited for the introductory classroom. Mark as Story is the ideal resource for readers encountering Mark's Gospel for the first time and for those long familiar with the Gospel to rediscover the skill and immediacy it conveys.