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Paulist Press

Hudon, William V: Theatine Spirituality: Selected Writings - Hardcover

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Early Theatines wrote spiritual literature that arguably represents the most significant accomplishment of the order. Gaetano composed letters seeking as well as giving advice on the spiritual life that reveal not only his own devotional interests, but also those of his fellow Theatines, in addition to those of his mostly female correspondents. His letters appear here for the first time in English. Lorenzo Scupoli wrote one of the classics of post-Tridentine spiritual literature, Il combattimento spirituale (The Spiritual Combat). The text has been published in numerous editions and many languages since it originally appeared in 1589. In reality, it has been over-translated: reshaped and adapted for audiences far larger than the convent of nuns for which Scupoli intended it. His most important works appear here in a translation that seeks to return them to their proper context and to render them and their author more comprehensible. This volume also includes Carafa's primitive Rule for the Theatine order in a new translation.