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Paulist Press

Dales, Douglas: Christ the Golden-Blossom: A Treasury of Anglo-Saxon Prayer

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This anthology of Anglo-Saxon prayer and spiritual writing, much of it never before translated, makes accessible a rich treasury of Christian theology that was developed in England over a period of four hundred years.
Douglas Dales has set the various kinds of spiritual writings within the framework of prayers that were used at the time. There are collections of prayers and readings for the principal Christian feasts and seasons and to accompany each of the Anglo-Saxon saints in the new Anglican calendar.
Accompanying the prayers are several full-color, museum-quality illustrations, which add to the beauty and richness of this volume. While being a lovely personal prayer book, Christ the Golden-Blossom is just as much at home in liturgical use. Its unique ecumenical flavor makes it a work that is sure to please spiritual seekers, as well as lovers of history and art.