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Valyermo Abbey

Paul His Letters and His Theology

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Paul, His Letters and His Theology is meant principally, though not exclusively, for the increasingly large number of Christians who feel the need to know something about the Apostle Paul, his conversion and life, his letters and theology. It is an attempt to shed some light on and to interpret Paul's theology by his letters, his letters by his life, and his life against the background of his times. After the three introductory chapters, the work takes up the Pauline epistles in their chronological order. Singling out individual themes within each letter and relating them to the same theme from other Pauline epistles, Fr. Marrow explains each understanding within its context. Thus, for those who find their knowledge of Paul inadequate, and that inadequacy no longer tolerable, this book makes the reading of Paul's epistles a bit easier and the access to his theology a little less forbidding.