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Alphonsus de Liguori: Alphonsus de Liguori Selected Writings

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This volume of the acclaimed Classics of Western Spirituality is a significant one. It offers new translations of a representative selection of the spiritual writings of Alphonsus de Liguori (1696-1787)-saint, bishop, religious founder (the Redemptorist Congregation), and doctor of the church.
The late Frederick M. Jones, principal editor of this volume, and author of an acclaimed biography of Alphonsus, has written an exceptional introduction that outlines this saint's life, with particular emphasis on the political, sociological, and intellectual climate of Bourbon Naples in which he lived, wrote, and ministered. The writings presented here demonstrate the wide range of his work and its relevance to Christian life and spirituality in our own day.
Alphonsus' devotional writings had an enormous impact on the practices of Catholic piety right up to Vatican II. In addition, he played an influential role in the development of moral theology. This collection of his works fills a demand for an English translation of Alphonsus' major spiritual works. Among the interested readers will be members of the Redemptorist order, theology students, and students of 18th-century Italian church history and society.