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Valyermo Abbey

What Are They Saying About the Parables

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A wonderful addition to the unique and well-respected WATSA series is this new volume on the parables by David Gowler. His book introduces as succinctly as possible the current scholarly thinking about the parables of Jesus, which has proved to be a creative and dynamic area in New Testament studies.
The topics he explores are enumerated in this Table of Contents: 1. Historical-Critical Approaches to the Parables 2. The Emergence of Literary Approaches to the Parables 3. Fully Developed Literary Approaches to the Parables 4. The Parables and Their Jewish Contexts 5. The Parables and Their Hellenistic Contexts 6. The Parables and Their Social Contexts 7. From Simile and Metaphor to Symbol and Emblematic Language
Noteworthy for its brevity and thoroughness, this work will be a valuable Bible study aid for Bible students on the high school and college level, as well as for persons in Bible study groups. In addition, pastors and church professionals will want to add it to their library.