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Paulist Press

Endres, J/Liebert, E: A Retreat with the Psalms

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Tradition says the psalms are the prayerbook of the church; from laments to exultant praise, the psalms express our full range of emotion. Yet repetition and familiarity can dull us to the wonder truly present in tradition. Bringing the psalms to vivid new life is this new book which explains the various types of psalms, as well as how to pray them in ways that make them more meaningful to contemporary readers.
The authors begin with an overview of the history and genres of psalms. They then look at each genre individually and show five ways to experience the psalms in-depth as a mirror of our own lives. Combining both biblical research and practical uses, the authors show how to pray the psalms through lectio divina, the daily office, handmade midrash or a visual art, bodily movements, and hymnody. The focus is on praying the psalms in ways that make them our own and on praying them in and through the life of Christ.

With its specific prayer suggestions, samples of psalms, and a prayer service for each genre, this book is appropriate for personal and group use for all denominations. It's particularly recommended for individual and group retreats, retreat directors, bible study groups, prayer groups, spiritual support groups, lectionary study groups, liturgy group members, and anyone who prays the psalms daily, especially in community.