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Leinsle, Ulrich: Introduction to Scholastic Theology

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There are a number of overviews of scholastic philosophy in print, all of which focus either on one stream of thought, one denomination, or one time period. With this book, distinguished historian of philosophy Ulrich Leinsle offers the first comprehensive introduction to scholastic theology -- a textbook for both Protestant and Catholic students.
Introduction to Scholastic Theology is an exciting adventure, as it guides readers through the beginnings of scholastic theology in the works of the Fathers, on to Early Scholasticism, High Scholasticism, scholastic thought in a time of paradigm shifts (14 - 15th century) and its fate during Humanism and Reformation, to the beginnings of the Enlightenment, and Neo-Scholasticism in the nineteenth century. The book treats these time periods by pointing to specific theological and philosophical problems, methods, and persons. Since Leinsle is a philosopher, he approaches the selected theologians with a refreshingly different and interesting perspective.