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The Spirit of Catholicism

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Adam is best known for his 1924 work, "The Spirit of Catholicism." It has been widely translated and is still in print today. In it Adam attempts to communicate with the laity about the Catholic faith and the Church's role as the keeper of the faith. For many on the outside, Catholicism, according to Adam, a daunting and somewhat foreign confused mass of conflicting forces that has somehow survived the tests of time. Catholicism is simultaneously new yet quite old; holy yet corrupt; hierarchical yet personal; dogmatic yet utilitarian, and so on.
How can someone outside the Church get a good grasp on the essence of Catholicism when it is so vast and seemingly complex? Those attempting to grasp the very heart and spirit of Catholicism should read Karl Adam's book, which is a most elegant and concise exploration of the faith and an attempt to address these ambiguities.
What are the fundamental attributes of the Catholic Church? What is the source from which it has drawn vigor and life through its two thousand years of life on earth? What are the secret sources of its incredible vitality in the world today? The author answers these and many other questions about the nature and structure of the Church. He examines the essential nature of the Catholic Church from the basic premise that it was expressly founded by Christ, traces its historical development and analyzes its actual functioning through the ages.