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Christian Classics

Boylan, Eugene: This Tremendous Lover

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One of the best works on the Christian union with Christ through prayer, the Church and the Sacraments. Few works can match the completeness of Dom Eugen Boylan's treatment of God's loving plan for mankind. Decades after it was written with over a million copies sold, This Tremendous Lover remains a sure guide to understanding what the love of God for man truly entails.

Contained within the book:

"“ A chapter on how the doctrines of the Redemption and of the Mystical Body form us in holiness through our membership in His Church.
"“ A chapter on the Blessed Virgin Mary outlines her essential role in the spiritual life
"“ A chapter on Marriage and Holiness explains just how exalted and yet attainable, is the ideal of holiness for married couples.

Dom Eugene Boylan, Trappist abbot and spiritual writer, shows how the faithful are invited into this intimate union with Him, regardless of their state in life.