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Wolff, Pierre: The Hungry Heart

Wolff, Pierre: The Hungry Heart

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Pierre Wolff lectures widely on spirituality & he often leaves time for question & answer sessions. In fact, some of these best ideas for his highly popular books have come from the heartfelt questions of sincere seekers. The Hungry Heart is a book produced by readers as much as for them. overtime, certain questions about prayer were asked so consistently & insistently that Wolff began to see a pattern: it's as though every seeker has about twenty questions that must be resolved before it's possible to continue the spiritual journey.

And so, Wolff has gathered the "twenty most-asked questions about prayer" & provides his best answers. The questions come from every corner: The basics: Why pray? How do I pray? What is prayer, anyway? The practical: How long should I pray? How often should I pray? The personal: How does God answer prayer? How come I have never heard God's voice? The family: What should I tell my children about prayer? How do I pray with my children?

Answers are offered with respect for the seriousness of the questioner & with clarity the questions deserve. There is also a sense of affection & humor as well, offering a kind of you're-not-alone reassurance. Yet, Wolff's answers do not give a sense of "now you've got it right so there's no need for further discussion." Instead, he helps people resolve a tension that may have brought their prayer life to a halt, releasing the seeker to proceed. His answers build a reader's confidence to go to the same sources - the great "prayers" of biblical times, the saints & mystics of the Christian tradition, contemporary spiritual leaders, representatives of the world's great religions - & see for themselves.
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