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Sophia Institute Press

Guardini, Romano: The Lord's Prayer

Guardini, Romano: The Lord's Prayer

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You may have read the Catechism of the Catholic Church and you may have studied The Baltimore Catechism, too, but if you don t know the Catechism that Jesus gave us, you don t know your Faith.

Christ taught us the Lord s Prayer as the first and most important of all our catechisms. If you haven t considered it carefully, now s the time to begin - and here s the book to help you uncover the riches Christ placed in these familiar words.

Unlock the secrets of the Lord's Prayer

Msgr. Romano Guardini, acclaimed author of The Rosary of Our Lady and The Art of Praying, here reveals the holy wisdom of these 55 words from Jesus. With Msgr. Guardini's gentle help, you'll:

  • Develop a greater love for the Lord's Prayer
  • Come to understand God's tender care for you
  • Discover His holy will for you
  • Learn how to live always in His love
  • Develop the strength to live in conformity with His holy will
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