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Rohrbach, Peter-Thomas: Journey to Carith: The Sources and Story of the Discalced Carmelites

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First published in 1966, this book chronicles a full eight centuries of the Carmelite tradition, from the order's beginnings as a group of lay hermits on Mount Carmel through St. Teresa of Avila's Discalced Carmelite Reform in the 16th century, to Carmel's rich diversity today.

Since the appearance of this work, important new discoveries in the study of Carmelite history have come to the fore. New scholarly research, for example, would call for a revision of some sections of this book, notably the account of the origins of the Carmelites and related dates and figures, as well a more nuanced picture of the beginnings of the Teresian Reform. In the meantime, Journey to Carith remains unsurpassed as a concise and readable overview both of the origins of the order and of the Discalced Carmelites in particular. It is a fascinating account of one of the oldest religious families in the Christian West, with a uniquely important spiritual tradition.