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Edman, Bridget: St. Therese of Lisieux Nietzsche is My Brother

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Both Therese of Lisieux and her contemporary, Friedrich Nietzsche, grappled in their own way with the issues of nihilism and atheism. For Therese, her struggles in faith led to a deepening trust and surrender to God in the face of apparent nothingness. The philosopher Nietzsche's antipathy to Christianity and religious faith in general made him a key architect of the Culture of Death and a precursor of the Death of God movement. This book, crafted as a dramatic dialogue between the young Carmelite and the philosopher, reflects the church's efforts to understand, listen to, and dialogue with those usually considered "œafar."�

Nietzsche Is My Brother is the result of the author's own personal religious quest, which led her to the Catholic Church and eventually to enter Carmel in South Africa as a cloistered nun. The book won first prize in the International Competition for Religious Drama.