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Andreopoulos, Andreas: The Sign of the Cross

Andreopoulos, Andreas: The Sign of the Cross

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"This book is a little masterpiece: it informs and it explores, it recounts history and it provokes a religious quest. It is a personal book, yet it explores the great questions of theology; it is full of learning, but not ponderous; it is written from the perspective of faith, but is not off-putting to the inquirer."
-Thomas O'Loughlin, Professor of Historical Theology
University of Wales Lampeter

"Andreopoulos explains the gesture and meaning and history of why Christianity has needed symbols and signs through the ages. Throughout, his writing is as inspiriting as a restorative benediction."
-ALA Booklist

"The book succeeds at translating the significance of the sign of the Cross into something personal and immediate."
-Publishers Weekly

"The Christian of today grows quickly from the innocent child into adulthood and demands understanding of any simple behavior. 'Why to sign with the crossing? Where did this practice begin? When and how?' Andreas Andreopoulos, with his book, helps to answer these questions.... [H]e immerses us into the illuminating obscurity of the Holy Tradition."
-Protopresbyter Kyrillos Leret-Aldir, Orthodox Christian Comment
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