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Spring Arbor

Simsic, Wayne: Seeking the Beloved: A Prayer Journey with St. John of the Cross

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Prayer is not just time set aside for God or the use of certain techniques-it is primarily an intimate relationship with God the Beloved. If we hunger for a prayer that is deeper than words and that we can bring to every part of our lives, no matter what we are doing, then we can turn to St. John of the Cross as our guide. Retreat Master and author Wayne Simsic insists that while it's easy to write off this saint as an otherworldly ascetic and mystic, he was actually a down-to-earth and wise administrator, poet, and artist whose writings have great relevance for us today.

In this book, Simsic helps readers discover the gift of contemplative prayer as unfolded by this Carmelite saint, whose longing for deep intimacy and union with God can become our longing as well.

•Each chapter ends with helpful suggestions for reflection and prayer.
•Encourages us not only to walk in the "dark night"� but to trust it as a time of fertile spiritual growth.