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Sophia Institute Press

Scanlan, Michael: What Does God Want?

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We make about two hundred conscience decisions a day. Most are small. Some are huge:

  • Should I marry the woman or man I've been dating?
  • Should I go to graduate school?
  • Should I leave the job I've been doing for fi fteen years?
  • Do I need to fi re someone who is working for me?Should we adopt a child?
What Does God Want? Is designed to help you make these decisions. It offers a five-part process for decision-making that can help you chose the right course of action in matters large and small. Developed by Fr. Michael Scanlan during more than thirty years of spiritual direction, counseling, and teaching, this approach to decision-making is grounded in Christian tradition and tested by thousands in the real-life challenges of life direction, love, work, study, service, and relationships."