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Liagre Pere; A Retreat with Saint Therese

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This-retreat in a book-presents to the busy reader of today a perfect little tool to assist in translating from inspiration to action, the exquisite lessons gleaned from The Autobiography of a Soul. In Spiritual Childhood lies the secret of sanctity for all the faithful throughout the whole world. It is our special desire that the secret of Sister Thérèse s sanctity may be disclosed to all our children. Pope Benedict XV. We nourish the hope today of seeing springing up in the souls of the faithful of Christ a burning desire of leading a life of Spiritual Childhood. We earnestly desire that all the faithful should study her in order to copy her, becoming children themselves, since otherwise they cannot, as the Master saith, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Pope St. Pius X One day a novice, coming to Sister Thérèse for advice, said to her, Oh, when I think of all I have yet to acquire. Say, rather, to lose, was the answer an answer alight with wisdom. Let us think that we have much more to lose than to acquire if we are to profit in Thérèse s school, and learn, from her the science of holiness.