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More, Thomas: The Four Last Things,The Supplication of Souls

More, Thomas: The Four Last Things,The Supplication of Souls

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The Four Last Things develops More's advice to his daughter Margaret to meditate on Death, Judgment, Pain and Joy as medicinal herbs in the battle against the spiritual sicknesses of pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth.

More created The Supplication of Souls in response to a defamatory political tract against the Roman Catholic Church. In it he swiftly reduces to absurdities the charges set forth on the "greed and corruption" of the English clergy and the controversial topic of Purgatory. He sets the record straight in a clear, precise and humorous style.

A Dialogue on Conscience is a collection of letters and dialogues between More and his stepdaughter Alice Alington, and daughter Margaret. Written while imprisoned in the Tower of London by King Henry VIII, More adheres to his course while the others struggle to understand why he refuses to take the oath which ultimately costs him his life.

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