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Notre Dame Press

Dunn, John: A Journey with God in Time A Spiritual Quest

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In this unique autobiography, John Dunne meditates on what it is to love God with all one's mind, might, heart, and soul. Dunne's captivating prose connects contemporary theology with the very real-life experiences of finding, losing, and living love. Centered around pivotal moments at various stages in his life, A Journey with God in Time uses the grist of Dunne's experiences to plumb new theological and spiritual depths. A series of dramatic Thomas Cole paintings reflects the time periods-childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age-that form the organizational backbone of this work. Among the life experiences Dunne discusses are his relationship with his grandfather, his love of music, and his thoughts on death. In prose and song cycles Dunne takes readers on a spiritual journey through his extraordinary, and sometimes ordinary, life. Readers will find rich nourishment for mind and soul in this compelling new book.