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Paulist Press

Hanigan, James: As I Have Loved You

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In this basic study on morality, James P. Hanigan suggests the reasons why a Christian morality is necessary to complement the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels.
As I Have Loved You presents the problems, procedures and insights of moral theology, or Christian ethics, from the perspective of a Roman Catholic theologian. He examines the significant impact on the understanding of faith and morality of the changes introduced by Vatican Council II: religious freedom, the sanctity and inviolability of the individual conscience, greater social freedom and justice, and a renewed emphasis on the importance of the Bible.

Feeling that people's confusion need not be as great as it sometimes is, Dr. Hanigan presents in this book a clear overview of a consistent and coherent tradition of moral thought and reflection. Students at all levels of college study, educated adults, and professional ministers seeking updating will find this to be a challenging book.