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Paulist Press

Houselander, Caryll: The Spiritual Path

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Caryll Houselander (1901-1954), English artist, spiritual writer, poet, social activist and mystic, was a unique laywoman who took holiness out of the monastery, cloister and rectory and into the offices, factories, farms, streets and homes of ordinary people. In this engagingly interactive book, part narrative biography and part practical spirituality, readers will be moved to see in Caryll's story something of their own life history. In nine chapters, Joyce Kemp explores aspects of Caryll's life, from her difficult childhood, through periods of searching, being touched by God, becoming involved with the poor and the marginalized in society, living through war, writing and meeting an early death through cancer. Each chapter is followed by spiritual exercises inspired by the techniques of Drs. Ira Progoff and Jean Houston, that are built around the topic of that period of Caryll's life. "Caryll's spirituality is for everyone, not just monks and nuns. It is for people who have no time to pray in peace and quiet....When she shared her idea of rhythms with others, they, too, found some inner peace for their souls in the midst of the noise and distractions of their environment," affirms Kemp. Now, more than ever, Caryll's shining example will provide inspiration, guidance and wisdom to spiritual seekers, whether alone or in groups, retreatants, and anyone seeking God in everyday life.