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Valyermo Abbey

Walking with Kathleen Norris A Contemplative Journey

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As in his other Walking With... books, Walking with Thomas Merton and Walking with Henri Nouwen, Robert Waldron devotes three seasons (spring, summer, fall) to reading the prose and poetry of Kathleen Norris. Waldron approaches Norris, the celebrated author of The Cloister Walk, by using the journal genre, a format allowing for intimate, spontaneous, and quicksilver insights. His journal also offers the reader a glimpse into the author's soulscape as well that of Norris. The journey concludes with Waldron's "open-letter" to Norris: a touching, poignant and heartfelt tribute to her life and work. Norris is a major commentator on modern spirituality. This is the first full-length commentary on her work to be published.