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Paulist Press

O'Collins, G/Farrugia, E: A Concise Dictionary of Theology

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Distinguished theologians Gerald O'Collins and Edward Farrugia have once again provided a much needed academic resource with A Concise Dictionary of Theology, now revised and expanded. This authoritative dictionary of Christian theology offers a clear, up-to-date explanation of the meaning, origin, and history of key terms that teachers and students of theology need to know.This new edition of a work considered to be the concise theological dictionary in the English-speaking world and beyond contains over 50 new entries and updated entries and references to reflect the latest scholarship and research. And an index of names has been included. Notable, as well, is the fact that this is not an edited work; O'Collins and Farrugia wrote together every entry, from "Abba" to "Zwinglianism." Although other dictionaries of theology do exist, this one stands out from the rest in that it is the only up-to-date, ecumenical and concise dictionary of theology that includes key entries from both western and eastern Christianity. It is sure to garner wonderful reviews and become a staple, like its predecessor, in the library of students, educators, and academic institutions.