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Abbey Ceramics

Jesus & Saint John

Jesus & Saint John

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Item Number: P64

Size: 7" (17.8cm)
(Ansis, Evan, Giannes, Giovanni, Hans, Hannu, Ioannis, Ivan, Iwan, Ivashka, Jan, Janeczek, Jankielek, Janko, Janos, Jean, Jonas, Jovan, Johann, Johannes, Joannes, Juhani, Juan, Juanitocho, Vanechka, Vanya, Xuan, Yochanan, Zana) [1st Century]. The Gospel of St. Mark begins with the appearance of John, whose ministry was to prepare the way for Jesus. He is patron of those whose words and example draws others to God. He is also patron of farriers or blacksmiths, tailors, highways, also of Jordan and Quebec. His feasts are June 24 and August

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