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Abbey Ceramics

Saint Thomas, Apostle

Saint Thomas, Apostle

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Saint Thomas the Apostle

Size: 9 1/2" (24.1cm)
(Tomas, Thomasso) [1st Century], APOSTLE, surnamed "Didymus," i.e. twin, in the gospel. All we know for certain about him is derived from the gospel narratives where the chief episode related of him concerns his unbelief and subsequent profession of faith in Christ"šs resurrection. According to an ancient tradition he is said to have preached in South India and there to have suffered martyrdom. He is shown holding a palm branch, symbol of martyrdom, holding a lance or pierced by a lance or kneeling before the Lord and placing his fingers in his side. He is patron of architects (because legend says he built or founded so many churches), the blind and of the East Indies and Pakistan. His feast is July 3. 

St. Thomas Apostle

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