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Abbey Ceramics

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

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Item Number: P98

Size: 9" (22.9cm)
(Franchesca, Francisca, Francoise, Franziska) [1850-1917]. Mother Cabrini was born at Sant"š Angelo Lodigiano in Italy. In 1877 she founded a new Institute of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Her dream was to send her Sisters to China, but on the insistence of Pope Leo XIII, she sent them instead to the United States. In 1889, she came to the U.S. with the first of her Sisters. Every year she crossed the ocean and eventually founded 67 religious houses, schools and hospitals in Italy, North and South America, Spain, France and England. She died in Columbus Hospital in Chicago. She was a naturalized citizen and in 1946 became the first citizen to be canonized a saint. She is patron of emigrants and immigrants, orphans and hospital administrators. Her feast is December 22.

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