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Abbey Ceramics

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

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Item Number: P108

Size: 9 1/4" (23.5cm)
(Jan, Jana, Janie, Janis, Janet, Janeen, Janette, Jayne, Jean, Jeanne, Joan, Joana, Joanne, JoAnn, Johanna, Joni, Jonie, Juana, Juanita, Giovanna, Vanya) [1572-1641], widow and foundress of the Order of the Visitation. After her husband died she met St. Francis de Sales who became her spiritual father and friend, and under his guidance she founded her order, chiefly for widows and those of delicate health. St. Vincent de Paul described her as "one of the holiest souls I have ever met." Her feast is December 12.

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