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Abbey Ceramics

Saint John of the Cross

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Item Number: P109

Size: 9 1/4" (23.5cm)
(Ansis, Evan, Giannes, Giovanni, Hans, Hannu, Ioannis, Ivan, Iwan, Ivashka, Jan, Janeczek, Jankielek, Janko, Janos, Jean, Jonas, Jovan, Johann, Johannes, Joannes, Juhani, Juan, Juanitocho, Vanechka, Vanya, Xuan, Yochanan, Zana) [1542-1591], Carmelite friar and mystic. John met St. Teresa of Avila and founded for her the first house for men of the Discalced Reform. For five years he was her confessor. He underwent severe persecution and abuse at this time and again before he died. John was much admired by his disciples and St. Teresa. His works, as a poet and mystic, are masterpieces of both spirituality and Spanish literature. He became a Doctor of the Church in 1926. His feast is December 14.